Taste of Smithfield Timeline Mural

    Smithfield Foods Inc, still based in Smithfield, Va., where it was founded in 1936, recently opened the Taste of Smithfield to help boost its packaged-meats business. This cafe and gourmet grocery which is in historic Smithfield was showcase the companies history and long standing tradition of producing the world’s best ham.

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    My Role

    I was contacted by Williamsburg based architects, Guernsey Tingle to produce a historic timeline mural of Smithfield’s history. Historical photos were provided by the Smithfield museum along with a document containing key dates in history for Smithfield.  My first task was to create a color pallete and typography style that aligned with the building’s historical theme. I produced a low resolution comp  showing the progression and key dates and before building the nearly 40′ wide info graphic in Photoshop

    • Photoshop compositing and retouching
    • Typography design
    • Print production
    • Copy editing and content creation

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